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Interesting specific idea of the game defly io: Flay io like many. The original combination of genres in makes the game attractive. Flying, shooter and strategy to capture with the subsequent protection of the Territory. The main task is to control the territory, but to capture the area you need to fly in a helicopter and thus shoot. In the role of the pilot at the helm of the helicopter you need to put the tags and connect them among themselves. In this way you outline your possessions which in the future will be your hiding in battle with competitors. But remember that walls are also vulnerable to attacks. In order to destroy the barrier to destroy the reference point. In this way, you can push the enemy territory. The main thing is to survive the most.

Combat task in capture if not the entire territory of the game, as much as possible part of it. If you crash, you will be given a full report on how much territory you have captured as a percentage and how many points you have managed to score. Death awaits you in two cases: you will explode or you will crash into the territory of the opponent.

To seize the territory, you need to place checkpoints and stretch the walls between the points already set. Be careful: Too far to stretch the line will not work. After some distance from the start your line will be thinning and interrupted. Until this happens, you have the opportunity to put a new point of reference. The more points you put, the stronger your network will be, and that's why. Flying machines in the Deflay io can shoot. Bullets, getting to the points, destroy them. Because of line breaks, your web is torn.

However, the most reliable way to break the web of the rival-to destroy his aircraft. Sometimes you have to sweat it. The thing is, your bullets are ricocheted from the wall lines. But the opponent can shoot through the walls, actually hiding behind them. And to get the enemy out of hiding, you have to break his web. At the same time, no one forbids you to build simultaneously your defense right during the battle!

So, we get points in in two ways: building its territory and destroying the structure of the rival. The received points promote us in the top, and also raise our helicopter in a level. The increase in level gives the points of pumping, for which it is possible to improve the flying device.